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Digital camera Fujifilm Finepix S1900
Name: Finepix S1900
Range: Digital camera
Brand: Fujifilm
On izideal since: 03/2010
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Bridging camera you need to own! (13/05/2010) 
Writen by:|PEG81 
Advantages:Light weight compared to DSLR's. Multi function easy to use. Fantastic panoramic feature.
Disadvantages:Main manual on disc. Some features are diffcult to find.
 My wife and I bought the S1900 for our honeymoon. We've both used compacts for a long time and we wanted to take the next step. The main issue my wife had was whilst away she didn't want a heavy Digital SLR (Even though i'm the one who carries it) and it certainly isn't after comparing some in the shops. The S1900 is a FANTASTIC Bridging camera between the compact and DSLR world. It will do the basic point and shoot pictures but for those willing to try or want to take more spectacular photo's it is the perfect camera to start with. The zoom combined with the 12mega pix resolution produces some seriously professional looking pictures. Also, this is a great camera for panoramic images and it also has built in face, smile and blink detection to assist you when taking pictures of your family and friends. The camera takes HDSD memory cards. If you get a Class 4 16gb you will be able to take 2600 highest quality photos! However, the manual that comes with the camera is a basic start up manual. To get more indepth you have to use your lap top to learn more. Some of the terminology inside can be a bit daunting for those who are beginning their SLR journey but nothing like time behind the lense to get used to it. In the market right now, I don't think there is a better camera in this range for the current price! £169, you can't go wrong.
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